Silas Walter

Birthday: 2007-04-14
Homebase: Albishofen, Germany
Discipline: Ski mountaineering

"Kästle created a design and a performance that is just amazing. With the TX 65 you have the best weapon - for hard uphills and you can race down as fast as a rocket, because you know that you have KÄSTLE skis at your feet. That's why I'm proud to be part of the team!"


You could almost say that his love of ski mountaineering is genetic, as it is also his father's passion. Born into a very sporty family, Silas started skiing at the age of three. Unfortunately, the mountains are not right on his doorsteps. After alpine skiing and competition climbing ,Silas is now more into fast uphill skiing. As he is now a member of the German National Ski Mountaineering Team, he is looking forward to racing at a higher level. He has already won the Skimo-Alpencup and the national titles, five times in his category.
Whether climbing, mountain biking, trailrunning or mountaineering, every free afternoon and free weekend was and is used to be in the mountains.