Kristoffer Erickson

Birthday: 1974-04-16
Homebase: Chamonix, France
Discipline: Alpine climber / ski alpinist / mountain guide

There is a special feeling that comes from the freedom to ski down a mountain that has just been climbed. The more wild and remote the mountain the greater the feeling of freedom. With Kastle skis under my feet there is a feeling of security that I can trust when there is no room for error. Kastle skis are manufactured under the highest standard of quality and designed with purpose to ensure athletes can achieve their best.


With first descents from Antarctica to the Himalayas, Kristoffer has been at the front in the sport of ski mountaineering for the last 25 years. During the 90's his passion for ski mountaineering guided him throughout the US where he opened dozens of first descents. Continuing with his drive, skiing took him to the highest summit of Peru skiing the"Shield"on Huascaran as well as Artesonraju and Tocullaraju. In 2002 he became one of the few people in the world to have skied off the summit of an 8000m peak when he skied Cho Oyu 8201m. He has gone on to explore many of the high peaks in the Andes along with vast areas of the polar regions with 11 visits to the Antarctic Peninsula as well as numerous to the north in Alaska and Arctic region of Svalbard. Through more than 18 expeditions to Nepal he has skied the Lhotse Face, opened new lines in the far far west, and tried countless other objectives that have helped him grow through process of failure. Recently he traversed the entire High Atlas of Morocco, skiing the peaks above 3500m and continues to look for adventure on his skis in the wildest places on the globe. A with his passion for the high mountains in the world he also enjoys training through the sport of nordic skiing. Kristoffer is an UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guide based in Chamonix France.