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For skiers who don't want to compromise on performance on the piste, the Xcomp 18 Race binding offers a sophisticated solution that guarantees maximum efficiency and control. This binding shares many high-quality features and technologies with the Xcomp 24, but differs in its DIN setting, which ranges from 8.0 to 18.0 on the Xcomp 18. These customisation options allow precise adjustment to the skier's needs and skiing level.

The innovative 3-point hole pattern of the Xcomp 18, complemented by two absorbers and magnesium sole holders, optimises the transfer of power from the skier to the ski. This combination not only contributes to excellent shock absorption, which ensures a smooth skiing experience, but also allows the ski to retain its natural flex. This leads to a more intuitive and natural skiing style where the skier remains in complete control in every situation.

The one-piece toe piece with optimised 3-point mounting further enhances the precision and reliability of the binding. These sophisticated design features make the Xcomp 18 Race binding the ideal choice for ambitious skiers looking for a binding that offers maximum performance while allowing the ski to flex freely and naturally.