Robert Clarke

Birthday: 2006-02-20
Homebase: Morgins, Portes du Soleil
Discipline: Alpine Racing

Skiing isn't just a sport, it's a way of life! It's all about embracing the thrill, the adventure, and the speed. Kästle is my perfect partner on this journey.


Robbie started Skiing at the age of 2 with his parents and older brother. It wasnt until a few years later where he joined his local ski club and started competing in races.
2022 was where things started getting serious. It was his last year in u16 and had a goal to get into one of the Swiss national training groups.
After a couple of wins and and a number of podiums in the inter-regional and national races the spot in the training group was secured.
2023 saw his first year in FIS and after tough start with a few DNFs he started to pick up the pace halfway through the season and managed some good points. But It wasn’t until the end of the season where he really started to ski well, finishing the season with 60 points in Slalom and 70 in Giant Slalom. Including a top 30 in the Swiss Elite Slalom Championships and a number of top of his year group places, ensuring a place in the higher level training group.
Outside of skiing, he is passionate about downhill mountain biking, rollerblading, wakeboarding and scuba diving.