Size: 22.5


Fit: Standard


Item No: K150RF22522
Sale price€749,00

Flex: 150

Last (mm): 84.5
Weight/boot (g): 1820
Sole length (mm): 265

Born to continue our legacy. The K150R represents the flagship of our K_Boot collection and is designed for World Cup racers and athletes at the highest, sporting level.

With K_Blend technology use a brand new material mix - to ensure highest performance in the moste extreme conditions. An omptimized ramp angle, the narrow racing fit and a flex of 150 provide absolute responsiveness.

The aerodynamic race construction with ultra flat K_Release buckles allow perfect turns at the steepest angles.

Finally, the WC Liner with adjustable tongue and optional laces absorbs the hardest hits and provides absolute power transmission.

Solid, aggressive, powerful - and above all Fast As Ever.

K150R Tech Info

Born to make history. Developed for World Cup athletes.

K150R Sale price€749,00
K150R Sale price€749,00
Shell Material




Lifter plates

in the box




Racing Liner

Extras in the box

Lifterplates 5mm / 3mm & screws, Canting elements 0.5°-1°, Teeth Catch, TX20 driver

Extras (additionally available)

booster in 2 versions: soft & stiff, Foam Liner



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The ultra-flat aluminum buckles are ergonomically adapted to the boot shell and therefore allow for sharper edge angles in extremely steep terrain. A specially developed release mechanism ensures effortless unlocking of the buckle, thanks to the flash-opening. Furthermore, we also focus on safety without compromising performance: with minimized surface area there is less risk of opening or damaging the buckle due to external influences.


Power control thanks to step-by-step release.
The power strap of our K_Boot can be loosened or tightened gradually. Thus, it’s easy to find the optimal setting and the ideal support for intense responsiveness and exceptional power in every turn.


Kästle's secret material mix.
Outstanding performance results from a constant pursuit of innovative solutions. For the creation of our K_Boot, we use an extremely specialized material for our top models. "Kästle's secret mix," if you will. The answer from our R&D department for better skiing experiences in all conditions.


Adaptable spoiler for more control.
The use of a separate spoiler guarantees more efficiency and control when skiing. Easily attached to the liner thanks to Velcro, it increases rear support and allows the skier to customize their forward lean.